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Monday, November 29, 2010


So, just got finished watching Brazil, and i happen to be a HUGE Terry Gilliam fan, having seen every single other one of his movies several times and they remain some of my favorite films.  However after over 2 hours of this film i was still confused as to how such a genius could make a movie such as this, it had the feel of him too it and reminded of Twelve Monkeys but the story was bland.  It was silly and with no reality taking place, the whole movie is just more and more ridiculous and it never really explains itself all the way.  To clarify what i mean, the world it is placed in has absolutely no defined boundaries, and due to that the twists aren't really twists, they just further the ridiculousness of the entire plot line.

6/10 overall. dissapointed


  1. This movie kind of disappointed me too :/. It was alrighttttt.

  2. Never seen of his movies. :/ What genre?

  3. haven't heard of this movie or terry, but you mentioned 12 monkeys - which is one my fav's. so alright then, i'm gonna have to hit some imdb...thanks!

  4. Dunno, bro; imdb gave it an eight. I'm actually thinking of giving this a go. I mean, De Niro, Palin... Sounds interesting.

  5. I like Terry Gilliam, I will have to look into this movie a bit more