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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Life of David Gale

This film is one of the few dramas that i find tolerable to watch because it is so very well done and continues to pull at your heart more and more every seen.  Its not a stupid tacky love story and it is completely original in every way with an amazing twist that although u may see it coming the manner in which it unfolds is just amazing.  My favorite actor Kevin Spacey plays the lead where he takes on the roll of some renowned college professor fighting the death penalty, and he is extremely witty and will have you laughing through the first part of the movie.

Overall - 8/10

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Glitch Mob - Drink the Sea

1. Animus Vox 6:44
2. Bad Wings 6:40
3. How To Be Eaten By A Woman 6:00
4. A Dream Within A Dream 5:23
5. Fistful Of Silence 5:11
6. Between Two Points (feat. Swan) 5:35
7. We Swarm 5:54
8. Drive It Like You Stole It 5:56
9. Fortune Days 6:22
10. Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul 5:46

The freshman attempt by The Glitch Mob is in my opinion absolutely amazing, veering away from the wobbles and sub bass and simply creating awesome electronic music.  I was so happily surprised when i found this album I listened to it for probably 3 days strait and heard the entire album at least 10 times.  All I have to say about this album is that if you like anything else I've posted or enjoy fantastic electronic music then this CD is  for you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

L.A. Confidential

This is by far my favorite noir film with a cast to die for containing my favorite actor Kevin Spacey, this movie is a cunning well played out and intense film.  It is set back in the day of a blooming Los Angeles following a corrupt police force that is really more a TV show/attraction to the town then an actual police force.  It takes you through a disturbing tale of a few officers who struggle through this and attempt to root out exactly where this corruption stems from.  Definantly a must watch and one of my favorite films.

Overall - 9.5/10

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Brothers Bloom

I think that i can say with confidence that my favorite film to come out in the last few years is The Brothers Bloom.  Amidst all the dross like Avatar and Christopher Nolan's failure of Inception this film shines quite brightly with an amazing screenplay, and Adrian Brody and Mark Ruffalo playing their rolls to a tee.  This movie puts a spin on the classic con artist film such as Ocean's Eleven or the over 9000 others like that and puts it in a different light.  This movie keeps its intensity all the way through while continually bringing laughs while keeping you guessing, a must watch in my opinion.

Overall - 9/10

Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now

1. "Scissor Runner"   3:00 
2. "My Pet Snakes"   3:39 
3. "Switchblade"   3:37 
4. "Big Wave"   3:55 
5. "While Men Are Dreaming"   2:25 
6. "Animal"   3:42 
7. "Just Like Zeus"   2:41 
8. "New Yorker Cartoon"   4:16 
9. "Straight Edge of the Blade"   3:53 
10. "Slavedriver"   2:15 
11. "Committed"   2:44 
12. "The Highs And Lows Of Being

So I was driving home today and track 9 came on the radio and i remembered some the lyrics because i really quite enjoyed it.  Being the bands first album it radiates their original sound and upon first listen i came to really enjoy their sound.  Its fairly light rock, which is not what i usually enjoy but it had a certain sound to it that i found very enjoyable.  It reminds of music from far before their time and I'm excited to see what their Sophomore attempt sounds like.