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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now

1. "Scissor Runner"   3:00 
2. "My Pet Snakes"   3:39 
3. "Switchblade"   3:37 
4. "Big Wave"   3:55 
5. "While Men Are Dreaming"   2:25 
6. "Animal"   3:42 
7. "Just Like Zeus"   2:41 
8. "New Yorker Cartoon"   4:16 
9. "Straight Edge of the Blade"   3:53 
10. "Slavedriver"   2:15 
11. "Committed"   2:44 
12. "The Highs And Lows Of Being

So I was driving home today and track 9 came on the radio and i remembered some the lyrics because i really quite enjoyed it.  Being the bands first album it radiates their original sound and upon first listen i came to really enjoy their sound.  Its fairly light rock, which is not what i usually enjoy but it had a certain sound to it that i found very enjoyable.  It reminds of music from far before their time and I'm excited to see what their Sophomore attempt sounds like.


  1. nice one! check out my blog you will like to follow hehe

  2. never heard of it before... downloading now, thanks for the links!

  3. Jenny and johnny are a spectacular band. Havent given this newer stuff a listen yet will do so for sure now though

  4. sweet, thanks Bro, downloading now. :)

  5. can you guys take a peep at my blog as well? im not able to post ITT for a few more days :D

  6. Thanks, i will give it a try!

  7. Actually this is a really good review. I always liked them, but their following isn't too big.

  8. I listned to some... actually pretty good

  9. Hopefully they will continue to make good albums

  10. Any sort of bands you could compare it to, perhaps?